Project Management

The project leader (PL) will monitor the project progress and budget and ensure that milestones and deliverables get fulfilled in a timely manner (see the timeline in Fig. 1.5). The PL will organize half-yearly project meetings, compile annual progress reports, and act as the point of contact for IFD. WP5 includes all communication with the stakeholder Advisory Board, including annual reports and collection of feedback from the board.

Task 5.1 Daily management of the project and budget

The project Leader (PL) will perform the daily management of the project which includes the organization of half-yearly project meetings, compilation of annual progress reports and communication with the stakeholder Advisory Board. The PL will monitor the project plan and ensure that deliverables and milestones are met in a timely manner. This will be achieved through frequent communication with the Technical Committee (WP leaders) by means of monthly online meetings. The project management style will be agile with a frequent exchange of results and feedback between the different WPs and partners.

Expected outcome:

Timely delivery of project deliverables and milestones.

Task 5.2 Risk management and contingency planning

The Project Leader (PL) will manage risks and activate contingency plans in accordance with the project plan. These actions will be taken in a proactive manner. A midterm evaluation of the project will support this task (see the detailed description below).

Expected outcome:
  • Timely adjustment to any occurrence of risk factors through fast activation of contingency plans.
  • Mid-term project evaluation. 

Task 5.3 IPR and innovation management

The Project Leader (PL) has the overall responsibility for IPR and Innovation management and will ensure that issues related to IPR are raised and negotiated as early as possible in the investment period and before novel products are mature for commercialization. The task is closely linked to Task 3.1 on business case development and maintenance.

Expected outcome:

Timely management of IPR throughout the investment period.
24 JUNE 2019