DTU Wind Energy (DTU WE) is the world’s largest public research institute for wind energy. DTU is recognized internationally as a leading university in the areas of the technical and the natural sciences, renowned for a business-oriented approach and focus on sustainability. The motivation for DTU WE to be Coordinator of InnoWind is based on a strong tradition for coordinating large joint research-industry projects in wind energy. DTU WE has a large international research capacity in wind resource assessment based on modeling and observations, including remote sensing. InnoWind is an opportunity to make a leap forward and progress wind resource assessment beyond the state-of-the-art. DTU WE will benefit through publication of results, increased sales of the flow modeling tool WAsP, and through enhanced collaboration with research and industry partners. In this way, DTU WE will remain the preferred research partner for the wind energy industry.


DTU Space is Denmark’s National Space Institute and uses space as a base for research and technology development in order to learn more about the Universe and Earth, to study climate and environment on Earth and create results and technologies that benefit society. DTU Space has many years of experience in processing of SAR data and extraction of information from such data, including single and dual polarization SAR data, polarimetric SAR data, and interferometric SAR data. The SAR data from Sentinel-1 are dual-polarized and may also be used for SAR interferometry. The role of DTU Space in InnoWind will be to develop methodologies for extraction of surface parameters from SAR data from Sentinel-1, and will through this project be able to relate the results to user requirements for their implementation in flow models. The expected results for DTU Space will be improved expertise in this field, peer-reviewed publications, as well as the opportunity to bring our research and knowledge into real-life applications.

DHI-GRAS is a consultancy company specialized in innovative mapping products and solutions based on satellite images and aerial photographs for environmental assessment. DHI-GRAS sees a big market potential arising from the Sentinels and from a rapidly increasing perception of Earth Observation (EO) as a valuable source of information in the renewable energy sector. InnoWind is an excellent example of a large-scale market opening up for tailor-made product offerings. In order to be competitive in this market, efficient data handling routines (Sentinel data volumes are huge) and a high degree of automation are needed. In InnoWind, DHI-GRAS will develop state-of-the-art procedures for automated data handling and processing – e.g. related to end-to-end land-use/land-cover service chains. Thematic focus will be on InnoWind relevant information needs but the level of generalization will support DHI-GRAS commercial activities broadly. The product based approach in InnoWind (a tailor-made complete package offering with relevant information layers is offered) is very attractive and we expect it may help further expansion for DHI-GRAS services in the renewable energy sector, also independently of InnoWind.


EMD International A/S (EMD) is a Danish SME supplying companies and institutions worldwide with software, data, consultancy services, and know-how within project design, planning, documentation and operation of environmentally friendly energy projects – particularly for wind energy. EMD has two main software products, windPRO and energyPRO, each with positions as the world’s most used software packages in their respective fields. About 30 stock and custom datasets are distributed through EMD’s well established channels to thousands of customers. With the participation in InnoWind – as the project’s main dataset distributor – EMD intends to expand their business within data-sets and services to new commercial customer segments as well as to provide new services and data to existing customers. New products are to be derived directly from Copernicus and EMD also aims to include premium-grade datasets and services - created in close co-operation with InnoWind partners. InnoWind will allow EMD to investigate the added benefits of taking their big-data distribution system to the next levels by including modern big-data distribution and analysis techniques.

Vestas Wind Systems A/S (Vestas) is world leading in the development and production of wind turbine generators and offers a range of additional consultancy services. Vestas has 21.000 employees in 34 countries and the company is responsible for more than 71 GW of installed wind energy capacity worldwide. Vestas operates an in-house software – Vestas Siting Universe – based on state-of-the-art flow models. Vestas participates in InnoWind with the aim to enable greater accuracy, higher speed and lower cost for the assessment of the wind resource at land sites globally. The scarcity of relevant data on the land surface in substantial parts of the globe means that wind resource estimation for siting can be challenging. This potentially limits business opportunities and can result in sub-optimal siting and thereby less production or higher cost per MWh. Vestas has a high motivation for testing new satellite products and flow models at selected sites across the globe and has more than 100 validation sites in operation.

Vattenfall Vindkraft A/S (Vattenfall) produces electricity and heat from six different energy sources: wind, water, biomass, nuclear, coal and gas. Vattenfall is the largest developer of wind power in the Denmark and has 5 GW of wind energy installed onshore and offshore, all in Europe. The motivation of Vattenfall to participate in InnoWind is to get immediate access to ground-breaking research, which may lead to significant reductions in the cost of pre-feasibility and feasibility studies and, ultimately, to a lower cost of energy. Through InnoWind, and a fast adoption of the project outcomes, Vattenfall will advance before competitors and remain in the forefront of the market for wind energy development. The application of project results at wind energy sites selected by Vattenfall will ensure that results are highly relevant for the company’s business activities. In particular, at the forested sites in Sweden, where many wind farms are established and more are planned, it would be an advantage to reduce the uncertainty on the estimate of annual energy production. This potentially makes the wind farm projects cheaper and reduces the risks.