Value Proposition

InnoWind gives Danish companies a competitive edge in a rapidly growing market of wind resource assessment by equipping them with more accurate tools than competitors. The improved services provided by Danish companies will decrease the cost of wind energy development by significantly increasing the precision of assessment of wind resources lowering uncertainty in the planning phase. This will benefit the energy system planning and also have a positive effect on the financing of wind farms. Additionally, public entities establishing wind atlases will benefit from high quality model inputs; this is particularly relevant for emerging wind energy markets where such atlases are currently absent. InnoWind will provide this added value to end-users by delivering: 

  • New methods for direct satellite-based parameterization of the surface drag force.
  • Novel satellite-based map layers prepared for integration with flow models at the meso- and microscale.
  • Adaptation of flow models to utilize new satellite-based input maps.
  • Documentation of the scientific and financial impact of the project developments.
  • Commercial exploitation of satellite-based products and services.


Illustration of TRL in the project
29 NOVEMBER 2022